Security you can trust


Top-notch security

You care about keeping your data safe. So do we. We use 256-bit data encryption to secure the information in your Outright account. We also stick to TRUSTe standards to keep your information private. We'll never sell, trade, share, or publish anything you put into Outright.

Your money stays put

While Outright imports and categorizes your transaction data, we cannot deposit, withdraw, move or transfer any of your actual money. You're simply authorizing Outright to download your transaction history.


Always backed up

With Outright, your data is backed up online instead of saved on your computer. Imagine the worst that could happen to your computer –– and, even then, your information is still safe and sound.

Export your data

We at Outright truly believe that you own your data. For you, this means you can download a spreadsheet with your entire transaction history at any time with just one click.

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